Workplace Trends Research Spring Summit, 2019

Workplace Trends Research Spring Summit, 2019

Our 2019 conference with the best and most recent applied research into work and the workplace.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Workplace Management
- Rob Briner, Queen Mary, University and the Center for Evidence-Based Management

The role of Virtual Reality and psychological tests in workplace design research
- Ruth Hynes, Atkins and Michael Proulx, University of Bath

People, Performance, Place – Measuring the success of workplace transformation using perceptive, observational and cognitive data.
- Nicola Gillen, AECOM and Robin Bott, AON 1100 Coffee

A Biophilic Case Study: How to measure well-being and productivity in the workplace
- Julia Ayuso, CBRE

Here and Now: Using our experience-sampling app to measure knowledge workers’ productivity
- Iva Kleinová and Matúš Konečný, HB Reavis

Indoor Environmental Qualities and the effects on human performance and productivity
- Ian Baker, EMCOR 1300 Lunch

Debate: “The workplace profession is now just pandering to fads and fancies, and the ‘workplace’ is now done: we’ve run out of meaningful things to say”.
- Rob Harris, Ramidus Consulting and Katrina Kostic Samen, KKS Strategy

Location Independent // #MyLifeAsADigitalNomad
- Deborah Simmons, Camino Insight Ltd

The relationship between environment, employee wellbeing, and productivity
- Michael Roskams, Sheffield Hallam University & Mitie Energy

Crafting Work – Crafting Workplace
- Suvi Nenonen and Ursula Hyrkkänen, Tampere University of Technology

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Workplace Trends Research Spring Summit, 2019