Workplace Trends 2020: Success in Uncertain Times

Workplace Trends 2020: Success in Uncertain Times

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we opened our conference to a global audience of workplace managers, consultants, occupiers, designers and suppliers with this virtual event.

Our themes for the day included:

- Home and Agile Working
- Health and Safety Law
- Acoustic Design
- The HSBC Pandemic Experience in Hong Kong
- The Future of Real Estate
- Wellbeing and Employee Engagement
- Mental Health in Challenging Times
- Creative FM to Help Protect Employees
- A New Understanding of Change Management

All set against a backdrop of Covid-19

Workplace Trends 2020: Success in Uncertain Times
  • 2.5 A New Understanding of Change and the Future of the Workplace, Neil Usher

    Applying ideas from his new book Elemental Change, this talk explores seven key areas in which the dominant notion of the 21st Century workplace has been entirely flipped during six turbulent months of 2020. It shows how in practicable and actionable terms we can harness “change thinking” to ensu...

  • 2.4 FM & COVID: Creative Measures to Protect Your Employees, Ian Baker, EMCOR

  • 2.3 Creating a Healthy Workplace & the Wellbeing of Your People, Sarwat Tasneem

    Ensuring your teams have good mental health, is more crucial now than ever. With a shift in normalisation and expectation, we are in a global movement that is experiencing the highest levels of anxiety. Sarwat will discuss the importance of human communication, empowering our mental wellbeing, an...

  • 2.1 The End of the Office As We Know It?, Nigel Oseland & Marie Puybaraud

    A discussion session with Nigel Oseland and Marie Puybaraud on the future of the office. Do we re-design, re-construct, release unwanted CRE? Marie will share data on recent expectations from JLL’s latest client survey in EMEA.

    Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited
    Nigel is an environmental psychol...

  • Afternoon chair's close, Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

  • 1.3 H&S Law: Duties Regarding Covid19, Simon Joyston-Bechal

    What are an employer’s health & safety criminal law obligations for Covid-19?
    Working from home – how far do your duties extend?
    What needs to be considered in your return to work plans?
    Social distancing – how far do you have to go?

    Simon Joyston-Bechal. Turnstone Law
    Simon heads the Turnstone ...

  • 2.2 Open Plan Offices: Advances in Acoustic Design, Jack Harvie-Clark

    Office use has never changed as fast as now. Offices went from full to empty overnight, and now some people are contemplating a return to the office. But for most, it won’t be the same environment as it was.

    Previously, in the old world, “noise” in open plan offices was typically among the main ...

  • 1.1 The Rock and the Hard Place, Tim Oldman

    Organisations face a series of tough workplace choices. They need to get to grips with failing being ok. Because it’s time to say goodbye to the 5 year plan and say hello to the 5 month sprint. It’s now about failing fast. With data drawn from 125,000 global responses to their home workspace expe...

  • 1.4 The HSBC Response to COVID-19 in Hong Kong & Asia Pacific, Marcus Bowen

    This session will explain (using facts and figures):

    - HSBC occupation of office space pre-COVID and how corporate policy and Government regulations changed patterns of working forever in Asia: January to September 2020.
    - HSBC’s business occupiers change in thinking around the role of the offic...

  • 1.2 Long Term WFH? Issues and Answers, Guy Osmond

    Enforced home working has had a dramatic impact on the way we work. Employer responses have been generally favourable but individual experiences have been more diverse. As Hot Desking becomes Not Desking, are organisations taking a sufficiently holistic view to accommodate personnel needs in the ...

  • 2.0 Afternoon chair's introduction, Nigel Oseland

  • 1.0 Chair's Morning Introduction, Mark Catchlove

    Mark Catchlove, Herman Miller Insight Group
    Mark leads Herman Millers Insight Group which is responsible for sharing the latest thinking in workplace design and related issues. He has been at Herman Miller for over 20 years and over that time has become a respected contributor to the workplace co...